Tribeca Games Spotlight Wrap Up

As Summer Game Fest continues this month, it was good to see an indie showcase taking place. The first ever Tribeca Games Showcase not only highlighted previous titles that we knew about, but actually allows us to hear from the developers of these games. The 45 minute presentation introduced some new games and new studios. Without further ado, let’s jump into the recap of the show.

Filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro introduced the first title, Signalis, developed by Rose Engine. He spoke about the differences between horror and survival horror, and the stories they depict for us to comprehend while touching on our fears and mental state. Signalis seems to replicate early 90s survival horror with its mixture of first person exploration with some top-down action. Players solve puzzles, find lore, and try to figure what awaits in this mysterious place. Check out the trailer.

Next, Kahlief Adams, CEO of Spawn On Me, introduce the next title, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits by Ember Labs. He speaks on the debut game about its lush visuals and fast pace action. Watch the video below and hear from the creators and brothers, COO’s Josh Grier and Mike Grier, talk about their background in film and animation and how their experience help create Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. The game will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on August 24.

Next up, actor Norman Reemus introduces Norco, developed by Geography Of Robots. In this sci-fi Southern Gothic point and click adventure, you are looking for your brother, who went missing after your mother’s death. Watch the trailer below.

Kahlief returns again to introduce the hand made and beautiful, Harold Halibut by the developer Slow Bros. In Harold Halibut, you’re young lab assistant who lives with others on the spaceship Fedora. Since escaping earth and crashing in the ocean of an alien planet, the Fedora has become a home and you must help those that you meet. Check out the story trailer for more.

Next up was Sable. Introduce by Japanese Breakfast, this indie title is given an update by the developers Shedworks. Check out the trailer on this beautiful animated adventure and exploration.

Kahlief returned to introduce Lost In Random, developed by Zoink Games. In this action adventure title, you play as Even who befriends a character name Dicey, who’s a real dice with magical powers. You’ll journey through six areas in the land of Random to save your sister from the sinister Mad Creed. Check out the trailer as the developers talk about their game.

The last announcement came from actor James McAvoy, introducing the game 12 Minutes from the creator Luis Antonio. The game is an interactive thriller about a man caught in a time loop. After every 12 minute loop, his wife will be murdered and players must find a way to prevent it from happening. The voice acting cast in the game is one to pay attention with actors James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and William Dafoe voicing the three characters in the game. Watch the trailer to learn more.

The Tribeca Game Spotlight focused on narrative driven games and hearing from the developers, allowing them to go in-depth about their upcoming game. You can watch the full presentation below.

Which game or games are you excited for? Let us know in the comment section or in our Discord.

Source: Tribeca Games

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