Book of Hours Releases with a Limited-Time Perpetual Edition that Brings You All the DLC For Free Forever

Book of Hours is the latest game from the BAFTA-award nominated Weather Factory, the developers of Cultist Simulator and the tabletop roleplaying game The Lady Afterwards, is now available on PC.

Currently available on Steam and GOG, Book of Hours is available in a free Perpetual Edition until 5 P.M. UTC on August 24. This edition of of the game costs the same as the normal version of the game and grants all future paid expansions for free, including an introductory set of wallpapers. All copies sold in this window are automatically Perpetual.

Book of Hours is described as an elegant, melancholy, and combat-free RPG set in an occult library. “Enjoy the sweet peace of organising books and customising your new home, all while unpeeling centuries of history from the occult stones about you,” writes Weather Factory. “The Librarian’s influence extends far beyond the walls of Hush House. It’s up to you to determine how history is written.”

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The game is expected to require 20-4o hours to complete. During that time, you will acquire, retsore, and catalogue occult books, scrolls, and curiosities. You will study the nine Wisdoms, and conquer the nine Elements of the Soul. You will guide visitors who seek your assistance, choosing their paths. You will explore the Secret Histories that dominate Weather Factory’s informal series, and restore a vast crumbling edifice built on the foundations of an ancient abbey.

Ultimately, you will wrest your past from obscurity and choose from nine different Legacies which determine your role. “You might be a Magnate, abandoning wealth to seek peace. Or an Archaeologist, fleeing the curse you awoke. Or perhaps your origins are more esoteric, like the Symurgist, or Twiceborn? Each playthrough offers different opportunities.”

The Secret Histories pull strongly from the cosmic horror of the early 1900s, with rich notes of Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow flowing through it all. In ways, Weather Factory seems to have been at the forefront of other developers whose games pull from those stories in recent years, most notably Signalis and, with a lighter touch, Vampire Survivors.

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Source: Weather Factory

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