Live the Terror: The Last of Us Joins Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights

Have you ever wanted to live in The Last of Us, chased by mushroom zombies? This fall, you’ll have your chance as The Last of Us receives a haunted house experience at Halloween Horror Nights 32. The house is specifically based on the video game, not the recent television adaptation.

What can you expect?

Enter the world of Naughty Dog’s video game in real life, as you fight to survive and navigate your way through an abandoned Pittsburgh with Joel and Ellie.

Universal Studios
Video Credit: Halloween Horror Nights

The Last of Us House is expected to be at both the Hollywood and Orlando Universal Studios. In Hollywood, the event runs from September 7 through October 31 and tickets may be purchased here. In Orlando, the event runs from September 1 through October 31 and tickets may be purchased here. Tickets for Halloween Horror Night are separate from ordinary park passes.

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Source: Halloween Horror Nights

Featured Image: Halloween Horror Nights

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