River City Girls 2 Revealed

During the Tokyo Game Show’s Arc System Works Presentation, a trailer of the anticipated sequel to River City Girls was finally revealed showing off gameplay for the return of Misako and Kyoko. In the trailer, they are doing what they do best, which is kicking butt and taking names! Also revealed were their boyfriends, Kunio and Riki, who are now playable along with two new characters in the mix.

The Kunio-kun spin-off will be set for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S. The game will once again supports local and online multiplayer and is currently slated to release sometime in 2022. Check out the trailer’s debut:

Are you looking forward to this highly anticipated beat em up sequel? Let us know down at the comments below and check out our Discord for all thing gaming.

Source: GameSpot

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