Gotham Knights Will Rise Soon!

During DC Fandome 2021, we got a look at a new trailer for the anticipated game, Gotham Knights which delves deeper into the look of the Court of Owls and the reveal of Penguin trying to warn Nightwing of the dangers of going after this mysterious organization. The action role playing game was first revealed last year in DC Fandome 2020 and was originally set for release of 2021 but of course due to the on going pandemic, like many other games, Gotham Knights was pushed back to 2022. The game is being developed by WB Games Montreal and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Check out this trailer below:

What did you think of this amazing trailer? The game is slated for 2022 for PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series S/X and hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait to take on the Court of Owls and avenge Batman. Are you excited for this upcoming game? let us know down at the comments below and check out Discord for all things gaming.

Source: Warner Bros. Games

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