What Nintendo Didn’t Tell You About The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update

Anyone who has been closely following this recent update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons know that there was a substantial amount of content added to the game. While Nintendo revealed many details in the Nintendo Direct that they held specifically for this title, players have discovered that there was still a lot left out. Here are 10 details that we found interesting!

Discord & OBS

If you’ve acquired the new Gaming Desk furniture item, you might notice that a few of the screens feature similar-looking programs that look like Discord and OBS.

Paying For A Friend’s Coffee

Are you having someone visit your island? Head over to The Roost and you can pay for their coffee. Brewster will ask if you want to cover your company’s order or if you want separate checks! I’m sure your friend will return the favor later.

Harvey’s Crush

If you played Animal Crossing New Leaf after the Welcome amiibo update, you were introduced to Harvey. He reveals that he had a crush on Harriet, who managed a hair salon called Shampoodle. In the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update, we see these two characters together in what seems to be a romantic relationship! It seems that Harvey finally made a move.

“I didn’t much care for the makeover, but the poodle who gave it to me was pretty special.”
– Harvey, Animal Crossing New Leaf

Souvenir Chocolates

The chocolates that you can buy in the Happy Home Paradise DLC can be used to invite villagers that live on your island to live in a vacation home on the archipelago. The villagers that you invite will still live on your island, so don’t be afraid of losing them!

Calling Old NPCs

NPCs that have been seemingly forgotten like Shrunk, Katie, Booker and more can be invited to The Roost. You can have coffee with them and see what they’ve been up to as each character has unique dialogue. Some of them might even bring along a friend!

Previous Food Items Are Now Edible

Food-related items that were in the game prior to the 2.0 update can now be consumed. Items like the Yule Log, Mom’s Homemade Cake, and Pompompurin Pudding now appear as dishes in your pocket and can give you 5 energy points when eaten.

Hanging Gyroids

If you want to display your Gyroid collection in your home but would still like to be able to walk around your rooms, you can now place them on a small shelf on your walls.

Pictures in The Roost

If you look closely near the entrance of The Roost, you can find some nostalgic images of the beloved coffee shop in previous iterations of Animal Crossing.

Storing DIY Recipes

Do you have a basement cluttered full of DIYs that you already know? You can finally put them in your storage! DIYs will appear in the “Other” section of your storage.

Black Friday

Animal Crossing: New Horizons now has its own Black Friday event called “Nook Friday” that takes place the day after Turkey Day until the following Tuesday. During this period, Timmy and Tommy will be giving players a 30% discount on the whole store!

Have you noticed any other details that Nintendo didn’t reveal? Let us know in the comments or continue the conversation in our Discord!

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