Marvel’s Hawkeye 1.02 “Hide and Seek” Episode Review

Synopsis: After finally meeting at the end of the previous episode, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) has to try and clean up the mess made when Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) put on his old Ronin costume. Concerned about the enemies he made when he was Ronin, Barton spends most of the episode tracking down his costume while Bishop learns more about the man who is about to marry her mother.

Breakdown: Marvel on the small screen has followed a similar pattern thus far: each new series starts off with a bang and promise, but somewhere long the way it takes a left turn and doesn’t quite end up delivering on the initial potential from the pilot episode. It usually takes place towards the end of the season, but, unfortunately for Hawkeye, it may have taken place in just the second episode.

The entire plot of Clint Barton having to participate in a LARP session just to get his costume back was too long, too unbelievable, and just plain stupid. I understand that the show is trying to play into the lighthearted nature of the character and be a little more humorous, but that whole arc was just painful to watch. The man helped save the entire universe; he couldn’t find a better, quicker way to get his costume back?

The show is also spinning its wheels a bit when it comes to Kate Bishop’s story as well. I know they are trying to set the stakes and introduce new characters and plot lines, but everything is just coming off as being a little too silly, and taking a little too long to get to the point. It also is quite the stretch to think that just because Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton) was lying about his stills at fencing he is also lying about other things.

Speaking of quite the stretch, are we really to believe that Jack took a piece of candy bearing the name of the man he murdered and then offered the candy to someone else? Not to mention the fact that the man who was murdered was his uncle so there was a really iron clad reason as to why he had that candy in the first place. Really just sloppy and messy all around.

Verdict: From everything I’ve heard, Hawkeye is supposed to be the best thing Marvel has done on Disney Plus thus far. However, based on this second episode, if things don’t change quickly, it has potential to be the worst. The cast is likeable, there seems to be an interesting story at play, and the rumors are going crazy, so here’s hoping the show can course correct for episode three.

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