Microsoft Adds the Xbox Digital Museum to Their Site With a Specific Section Called “Just for You”

There is a lot to celebrate in the Xbox community this year. The brand is twenty years old, the Xbox Series consoles turn one, and Halo is launching its biggest title ever in Halo Infinite. To continue the celebration, Microsoft has added the Xbox Digital Museum, giving visitors a history lesson on the brand, their games, and their consoles. Better yet, there is a significant portion of the museum dedicated to the players. Each individual player is invited to look into their stats on each console, their gamerscore, and their own personal history as well as achievements with Xbox.

Players can move throughout the museum by controlling their avatar, moving him with the mouse and keyboard to little hubs marked on the ground. Each hub allows the player to interact with each exhibit in different ways. I loved how I could go and see what my most played games were for each year (No it wasn’t all Destiny), see what my rarest achievements were, and relive the original reveal of the Xbox where Bill Gates and The Rock exchanged awkward scripted descriptions of each other’s occupations.

One of the best exhibits in my opinion is the Halo exhibit. What is Xbox without Halo? Within the exhibit, players can learn all about the history of the franchise, from it’s humble beginnings as an RTS on Macintosh computers to it’s weird third person shooter prototype. Even Master Chief had his awkward teen years. It’s all there for visitors to experience.

My Take:

The Xbox Digital Museum is just one of many ways Microsoft seems to be taking the extra step in making a community I want to be a part of. Xbox has really gone out of their way to make the players feel like they’re an important part of the community. I really love that. I know that every player is important because without players, the box and the games wouldn’t exist. I know that it’s a business at the end of the day, but Xbox truly feels like they’re trying to be a different type of console maker. Whether it’s with GamePass, Phil Spencer being a relatable leader, or Major Nelson’s podcast, I’m not entirely sure, but they’ve done an incredible job making every player feel important in their community.

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Source: Game Informer, Xbox Digital Museum

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