Sea of Thieves Season 5 Bombards Players with New Content on December 2nd

Sea of Thieves is one of the biggest surprises in the video game industry. Rare’s silly multiplayer pirate game started off as a great idea that really didn’t know which direction it wanted to go. It was a fun sandbox with friends, but there was no progression, no structure, and zero story.

But then something changed. Rare added a lot of different features, a unique progression system, and added a seasonal model that really reinvigorated the game, even adding unique cosmetics and special items. They even partnered with Disney to bring Jack Sparrow and a Pirates of the Caribbean story arc. More Buccaneers than ever were ready to board their vessels and plunder the high seas again.

Now heading into its fifth season, Sea of Thieves is adding a plethora of new features, quests, customization options, and cosmetics for players to loot. Here’s the boatload of features listed below:

  • Create custom quests! Bury treasure in order to make custom treasure maps to share with other crews. If a crew finds your treasure you’ll be rewarded with lots of rep and renown.
  • Themed Firework crates
  • Sitting! You can now sit around the world to relax and take it all in
  • Sleep in a bed! Sleeping recharges your energy
  • The Speaking Trumpet has been augmented so you can turn it around and use it to whisper
  • Cannon attachments for rowboats for extra firepower
  • 100 levels of new rewards
  • Holiday themed gear
  • New Emissary rewards and legendary ship parts
  • A brand new Plunder Pass (Season Pass)
  • New Emotes and Pirates of the Caribbean gear including Captain Barbosa
  • New weapon sets, instruments and a brand new canine companion
  • 3 new sea shanties
  • Improvements to the item transfer system
  • Rats! Keep an eye out for rats on your ship as it may mean something bad is happening below deck.
  • Enemies now drop ammo pouches
  • In-game character models will now move their mouths when they speak.

What are you looking forward to most in this new season of Sea of Thieves? Are you looking to board your ship again? Let us know in our Discord or Facebook group. See you on the High Seas, Scalawags!

Source: Polygon, Sea of Thieves YouTube channel

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