Monster Hunter Rise Reveals A New Monster for Sunbreak!!

In case you missed it, The Game Awards 2021 delivered us a brand new trailer from Capcom’s Monster Hunter team for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak which took our breath away!

In the trailer, we get our first glimpse at the new beast, named Lunagaron (pronounced Loo-nah-guh-Ron) which bears a striking resemblance to a full-form werewolf. The baddie quickly takes to running up a hillside and howls at the moon, while bristling with ice. Monster Hunter Rise has borrowed heavily from supernatural themes with its current batch of monsters inspired by Yokai (a Japanese spirit or an East Asian ghost). This gothic look for Lunagaron along with the look of the flagship monster Malzeno seems to continue the theme probably drawing from more of the Western supernatural lore.

If that wasn’t enough, we also are introduced to the sister of Rondine the trader! Rondine’s sister was hinted at in a recent tweet from Fukashigi — the felyne informant that lives in the walls of your home in Kamura Village.

Fukashigi revealed that Rondine herself came from a land where hunters served a King and were known as “Knights”. The juiciest tidbit from our Informant was a rumor that Rondine has an older sister that devotes herself to protecting the Kingdom.

While her name hasn’t been revealed yet, the trailer showcases the Knight getting to work to dispatch Lunagaron that takes Master Utsushi and our Hunter by surprise in the Shrine Ruins.

The trailer ends with our heroes being transported to a new location where the next adventure beckons them…

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is set to release simultaneously on Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) in the Summer of 2022. The massive expansion will require players to have already purchased the base version of Monster Hunter Rise to participate in the new content and will include the challenging Master Rank quests and much more. Sunbreak will also be getting its own amiibo which will include figurines for Malzeno (the confirmed flagship monster for Sunbreak) and a Palico and Palamute decked out in the respective Malzeno armor. Each amiibo will unlock special layered armor for Hunters and their trusted companions.

Image: Capcom / Nintendo

Monster Hunter Rise makes its way to PC January 12, 2022 and PC gamers will have access to all content from Rise up through the 3.6.1 version update which is considered “endgame” for the title.

Are you ready for new adventures when Sunbreak makes its way to a Switch and/or PC near you? What do you think about the new amiibo? Let us know by joining our Discord or Facebook group!

Source: Monster Hunter on YouTube, Twitter

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