Switch Summer Release: A Comeback for Kao the Kangaroo

In a recent tweet, Nintendo announced that Kao the Kangaroo, a 2000s mascot in the platformer genre, is making a comeback on the Nintendo Switch this summer.

This colorful reboot will boast a family-friendly adventure with fun boss fights and an engaging story. Check out the trailer in the tweet below:

Kao the Kangaroo was initially released back in November 2000 for PC, Dreamcast, and the Gameboy Advance. Upon further research, this reboot appears to be a multi-platform release–not just on the Switch, so fans will not have to worry about accessibility.

Have you played the original Kao Kangaroo? Will you be picking this reboot up? Let us know in our  Boss Rush Facebook group or scan the QR code below to warp into our Boss Rush Discord community:

Sources: Nintendo, IGN

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