Boss Rush Banter: Should Google and Nintendo Partner Up for An Online Symbiotic Partnership?

Let’s face it, Nintendo’s online infrastructure is not the crème de la crème by any means, but with a strong lineup of games and a treasure trove of IPs to choose from, Nintendo has one of the strongest software wells to draw upon. Knowing this, how could Nintendo vastly improve their cloud-based situation that seems to precipitate mediocre results at best?

Rewind back to November 19th, 2019, when the online powerhouse Google released the cloud-based, cross-platform, online infrastructure Stadia. This entity had some logic and sustainability behind its future of gaming stance. It was poised to be a front runner into all cloud-based gaming entertainment, but seemingly spiraled into less than what they had hoped for. This was mainly because of the lack of third-party support and extreme lack of exclusives, which is supported by the recent shutdown of Typhoon Studios, Googles first-party development game company. So where could Google go from here?

With Nintendo suffering from a below average online experience and Google from a lack luster game selection, wouldn’t the pair thrive in one another’s company? A partnership between the two businesses could forge a strong union and create an online haven with a strong lineup within the arsenal it maintains. How would this look?

Imagine playing all the latest third-party games through an online cloud service provided by Google on Nintendo Switch and future products. Maintaining a strong 60 FPS, (Frames Per Second), with games that were not slated to release on a Nintendo system. Also, all first-party games that Nintendo has woven with online capabilities could run extremely well. Just think of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate playing without lag and no mobile app shenanigans. The incorporation of Google Hangouts would be a big step up from that of Nintendo Switch Online app. Nintendo could help Google with the rework of their recently dismantled Typhoon Studios and reinstate them with the capability of making high quality exclusives for the ecosystem. This all makes some sort of sense, right?

I guess with the recent acquisitions from both Microsoft and Sony, I can see Nintendo playing it safe as usual, but would this not work in some form or fashion? What are your thoughts on all of this? Could we see something rise from the ashes of what is Google Stadia, and will Nintendo ever get its online infrastructure right? The future has not been written so we must “leave luck to heaven” as Nintendo appropriately suggests.

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