Returnal Update Goes Live — Welcome To The Ascension

Housemarque wasn’t ready to let us go from their wildly popular and award-winning game Returnal! Starting today, owners of Returnal have access to the Ascension update for last year’s roguelike shooter for PlayStation 5.

Returnal: Ascension ©2021, 2022 Housemarque, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Returnal: Ascension is a free title update that introduces the new Tower of Sisyphus gameplay mode. In Tower of Sisyphus, Selene will find herself in a brand new gauntlet with ever-increasing challenges that she’ll have to work through. At the end of it, Selene will face a brand new boss, Algos.

In addition to the add-on content for Returnal, gamers will now be able to play through the entire campaign in co-op. With the inclusion of the new co-op feature, Housemarque is ready to see players come back to the game and call in additional support to get past some of the game’s toughest challenges.

Returnal: Ascension comes in at around 17GB and adds seven new Trophies to the game. If you already have the game installed on your system, the update should be live as soon as you turn on your consoles. More information on Returnal: Ascension can be found on PlayStation Blog where Housemarque details everything gamers can expect from the update.

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Source: Push Square, PlayStation Blog

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