New Steam Listing May Indicate Returnal Soon Headed to PC

SteamDB, a website that logs new listings on Steam and not affiliated with Valve, recently logged a new listing for a product that is very likely to be the PS5 exclusive Returnal.

The game, codenamed “Oregon,” is accompanied with tags such as “rogue-like,” “sci-fi,” and “bullet hell,” all appropriate descriptions for Returnal. What’s more is that there are also references to “Tower of Sisyphus” and “Atropos,” both of which appear in the 2021 game developed by Housemarque.

Returnal was also listed in the massive NVIDIA GeForce Now leak from September of last year, which documented thousands of titles that are claimed to be moving to Steam.

If true, Returnal would join fellow Sony titles Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and God of War in appearing on PC. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan also recently made statements that he would like to see at least half of their game releases to also be on PC and mobile by 2025.

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Source: Steam DB, PlayStation Universe

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