Boss Rush Banter: Will You Be Watching the Halo TV Series?

On Thursday, March 24, the Halo television series debuted on Paramount+. Episode 1, titled “Contact,” takes place on the planet Madrigal, a human settlement fighting for independence from Earth. The Covenant become involved, and the mission becomes complicated for Master Chief and the Spartans.

The show has stirred up controversy among the Halo faithful, with some holding high expectations for the television adaptation of the legendary video game franchise, while others voice concerns over deviations from Halo canon. Perhaps most controversial is the lack of blue appearance for Cortana, the mega-powerful AI that guides Master Chief through the campaigns. Additionally, showrunners have made it known that Master Chief will remove his helmet during the series and that viewers will see his face, something unthinkable for long time fans of the games.

Halo Infinite is the latest entry in the franchise, releasing on November 15 of 2021 to critical acclaim. A departure from previous games, Halo Infinite featured an open world for much of the campaign and is considered one of the better entries to date.

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