Boss Rush Banter: What Features Will Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 2 Absolutely Need to Succeed?

EA and Respawn’s Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order ushered in a new era of hope for gamers seeking adventure in that galaxy far, far away. On a recent episode of GamesBeat Decides, industry insider Jeff Grubb suggested that this year’s Star Wars Celebration will feature more information regarding Jedi Fallen Order’s follow-up. When a viewer asked about the game’s status, Grubb shared, “We’re going to hear about that in May, at Star Wars Celebration, so, keep an eye out for that.”

While we wait patiently to learn more about Jedi Fallen Order 2, let’s take a moment to consider some features this sequel can include to build on what its predecessor began in 2019.

Fast Travel

If you played Jedi Fallen Order, you know better than anyone that the game desperately needed some kind of fast travel system to ferry players between checkpoints. The game offers vast environments that are worth exploring — which is great! On the other hand, it’s extremely frustrating to revisit these locations in search of a collectible — which isn’t so great. If Jedi Fallen Order 2 is at least as big as the first game, a proper fast travel system will be a necessity.

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Star Wars TV Show Tie-in

The Star Wars shows found on Disney Plus have done a wonderful job of telling new stories in unexplored areas of the series’ timeline. Beyond that, each show dovetails neatly into the next; forming a strong sense of continuity. Lately, certain locales and other aspects of Jedi Fallen Order have found their way into episodes and trailers of these Star Wars shows. If ever there was a chance for characters from these newer stories to show up in a Star Wars video game, Jedi Fallen Order 2 would be it. Perhaps after that, Cal Kestis might even find himself in a live action scenario!

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Expanded Leveling Systems

Jedi Fallen Order features a fairly straightforward character progression. Players gain experience points, and spend them to unlock new abilities. That being said, there isn’t much depth in Cal’s Jedi training. It’d be very interesting to see Jedi Fallen Order 2 lean into a more complex leveling system; granting players freedom to determine Cal’s strengths and weaknesses. With this, different play styles would emerge. Is Cal a slow but heavy-hitting Jedi Knight, or a nimble and strategic one? The choice is yours!

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So, what are some things that you’d love to see in Jedi Fallen Order 2? Perhaps it’s a player-versus-player mode? Or, you’re absolutely infatuated with the idea of piloting The Mantis. Either way, we’d love to hear your force-powered thoughts in our Discord and Facebook Group!

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