Boss Rush Banter: Should We Revisit Previous E3 Presentations?

The Entertainment Software Rating Board, better known as the ESRB for short, announced that E3 was canceled in June and will return next year. This led to a lot of discussions about how the event was still important and what this meant for the future of E3. While the answer is up in the air, I for one, have been revisiting past E3 presentations on Youtube. It got me thinking, should gamers revisit past E3 Presentations?

Knowing the outcome of the games announced, it feels historic seeing how the reveals happen, the presenters themselves, the trailers, the groan moments, and the ones that made you emotional when it took your breath away. Regardless of if you felt it was terrible or exciting, there’s something still magical about E3. With older viewings, you see how the game transforms from its announcement to the finished product.

I’ve been watching a lot of the E3 Nintendo Directs because of the games that I actually owned, and to see how Iwata or Reggie and other developers delivered the news. Even with watching Microsoft car reveal for a Forza Game or the crab enemy in Sony’s presentation, they all were moments, as a gaming community, and we all got to enjoy it together. 

That’s not to say that not all of them would be revisited. A lot of gamers won’t watch the 2K discussion last year, and who can forget Square Enix’s soul crushing Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters on Mobile. What about the Wii Music section or Mr. Caffeine at Ubisoft 2011 E3? What was Konami’s disaster of a presentation that none of us understood?

Mr. Caffeine

I think we should revisit past E3 Presentations and just marvel at the announcements, the trailer reveals, the exclusives, dance sequences, and emotional moments that touched us all as we watch. It never hurts to recapture the moment and excitement you felt at those glorious times.

Have you went back and watch an old E3 presentation? What has been your absolute best and worst conferences? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord.

Image: Zelda Wiki, Scout Life Magazine

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