What Popular TV Show Needs a Video Game Adaptation?

As we prepare to head back to Hawkins, Indiana for the final two episodes of Stranger Things season four (releasing today on Netflix), I can’t help but wonder what a video game set in the Stranger Things universe would be like. Surely it would have to be a role-playing game ala Dungeons & Dragons; or maybe a Zelda-style adventure with the Upside Down acting as the Dark World version of Hawkins. Either way, I would love to go on an adventure with the gang from Stranger Things. Which got me thinking – though there are some great comic adaptations and some ok movie adaptations, there aren’t many fantastic TV show video games. Which popular TV show deserves a great video game adaptation?

Two TV shows immediately come to mind, for me. The first is the Jennifer Garner/JJ Abrams spy-thriller Alias. Yes, an Alias game already exists. But it is a terrible game. Imagine if Naughty Dog or IO Interactive took the Uncharted or Hitman formulas and applied it to the world of Sydney Bristow and double agents. The show was a fun marriage of spy sleuthing and supernatural elements, and a good video game would take advantage of both genres to deliver something truly special. Shifting alliances, decades-old prophesies, gun fights and disguises – an Alias adaptation could be wonderful if given to the right developers.

The second TV show that is begging for a video game adaptation is the Netflix juggernaut Squid Game. Imagine a game-show style game that has you playing as a participant, fighting for your life to win a ridiculous amount of money. There would be puzzle elements, fighting, investigations – the game could easily shift between genres to deliver as unique and compelling an experience as the show did when it came out last year.

What about you? What TV show is begging for a quality video game adaptation? Let us know in the comments below, or join the conversation in our Facebook Group and on our Discord where we talk about all things gaming.

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