Reach For the PlayStation Stars with New Loyalty Program

It has been revealed by Sony that a new loyalty program will be coming to PlayStation in the future. This free program, entitled PlayStation Stars, will cultivate new opportunities for the PlayStation community with a bevy of benefits.

Some of these benefits may include:

  • Loyalty points for redemption
  • Activities and campaigns
  • Digital collectibles
  • PlayStation Plus users receive bonus points for purchases

You will complete activities, such as monthly check-ins or participate in campaigns, such as being the first to obtain a platinum trophy in your time zone, to gain loyalty points or other rewards for completing such tasks. Use the loyalty points to redeem credit in your wallet or other PlayStation store products like DLC or demos. Also, all subscribers to PlayStation Plus tiers will receive loyalty points for PlayStation store purchases.

The loyalty program promotes Sony’s nostalgic past and the inevitable future of the company and its IP’s. Do you like this idea? What is your favorite benefit? Do you currently subscribe to one of the PlayStation Plus tiers? Let us know your thoughts.

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