Boss Rush Banter: What Comfort Games Do You Return Frequently?

Admit it, we all have one.

We all have that game or games we always return to, regardless of the length of our backlogs. These games provide a comfort to use for a variety of reasons, a respite if you will from an ever-shifting menagerie of new games or titles.

That’s not to say playing a new game is bad or not fun. Rather, it’s about those games that bring you enough comfort that you find yourself playing them constantly despite the amount of new games you could be playing.

This is a similar concept to those TV shows that we just can’t seem to stop watching regardless of how many times we’ve seen them. For me, that show is The Office.

So admit it, we all have one.

Types of Comfort Games

That game can take many forms. Some really enjoy games that don’t have a set start or end, but rather focus on competition over storyline.

These games include Mario Kart, Call of Duty, Madden, Super Smash Bros., and a litany of other similar games. These are easy games to find comfort in because they are meant for endless replayability and it stokes the competitive nature in many of us.

There are others who find comfort in a more narrative-based game. This can include games you’ve beaten numerous times, know all the secrets, and still come back for more. 

These types of games can say a lot about a person because there’s no rhyme or reason as to why you constantly return to this game. The only obvious reason is you love it and want to experience it again and again.

I see the reason for loving games like this is similar to why we constantly watch a movie or TV show constantly.

I mean, I know *spoiler* Mufasa dies in The Lion King, but that doesn’t stop me from continually watching the movie. It is a work of art and I will continue to honor it as such despite knowing how it all goes down.

The same applies to games where we know what happens and still find ourselves hooked.

There are many other types of games that can fit into these categories, such as Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and many others.

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What are Your Comfort Games?

I have two comfort games that stick out. 

The first is Mario Kart 8 because of the copious amounts of fun I have each time I play. I could be smack dab in the middle of a tough boss in a Final Fantasy game, and I will turn to MK8 for relief.

The second game is not really a single game but rather a franchise. I am not ashamed to admit how often I replay The Legend of Zelda games. 

I know how they end and where all the secrets are hidden. Yet, I still find myself drawn back to Hyrule in any of its iterations. 

I even ditch new versions of Hyrule for ones more familiar. I have wanted to play A Link Between Worlds for so long but Twilight Princess or Wind Waker keep pulling me back. 

There’s something calming in the familiar and that extends to my gaming.

What about you? What are some games that serve as comfort food to you? Are there games you find yourself playing constantly, regardless of how many times you’ve played them? Let us know in the comments below or by heading over to our Discord. 

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