Boss Rush Banter: What Are Your Favorite Autumn Games You Fall Into?

Every year on my birthday, towards the end of August, I know that shortly after a new autumn season is slowly creeping in. Though bittersweet to see summer end I always look forward to cooler sweater weather. A time for harvest, a time for pumpkin spice lattes, and usually a change in my gaming genres. What better way to start the season with a change in your gaming habits?

Normally in summer I don’t game as much but I love a variety of games, which stands true for most of the year. For some reason the changing of the season from blazing heat to frigid popsicle motivates me to stick to certain genres. Fall just seems to throw off a certain vibe that encompasses my gaming practices. For this reason, I usually play these certain genres around this time of year.

The first genre that immediately comes to mind is horror games, of course we connect the fact that October has Halloween and so as our minds saturate in the full moon’s reflections our focus shifts to the spookiness of the season. I like to have a few different types of horror to choose from, usually a good first-person experience and a jump-scare fest are the main attraction. I don’t mind an amazing story as well tossed into the fray.

The other genre I heavily invest in is the first-person war games that annually come out for the most part. Playing games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield games keeps me busy and connected with the people I play multiplayer matches online with. Short sessions during the evenings and/or on all the holiday vacation time you have saved up may be put to good use and bring in some well needed enjoyment. It’s also a great way to destress as your year is winding down.

Do you have an autumn regimen you fall into every year, or do you keep the genres mixed up or random? Do other times of the year spark certain genres or games that you must play specifically in that season? What is your favorite season for gaming?  Please share your thoughts with the community.   

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2 thoughts on “Boss Rush Banter: What Are Your Favorite Autumn Games You Fall Into?

  1. My gaming significantly drops off in autumn because I work as a teacher. I can’t help but think of games like StarCraft, though, which was a nightly routine for my friends and me in high school.

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