Ironwood Studios First Game Pacific Drive Announced at Sony State of Play Looks Chaotically Stunning

During the Sony State of Play Ironwood Studios showcased its first game titled Pacific Drive. Pacific Drive is an interesting mash up of a first-person perspective mixed with driving, horror, action, and survival, not something common in video games. The game did remind me of another game called Titan Chaser that released in 2020 and seems to have similar vibes. The game is arriving sometime in 2023.

Source: Sony

The game has the player in the driver’s seat as you cruise around in a disastrous ridden landscape in the Pacific-Northwest. You drive your vehicle around searching for valuable resources all while trying to keep power to your car as you upgrade it. Doing so isn’t easy as you navigate a radiation filled environment while avoiding its potential dangers. All this chaos seemingly was brought upon by intrusive technological testing and research. Ironwood Studios promises to offer a surreal setting that players can explore all while surviving its horror.

Source: Sony

Have you ever seen a game quite like Pacific Drive? Are you going to try this game when it comes out in 2023? Do you think that the mash up of genres will play well with each other? Did you like the State of Play? Please let us know your thoughts on this crazy and surreal game coming to PlayStation 5.

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