Boss Rush Banter: Which Franchises Could Make Life Simulation Games?

Last week’s Nintendo Direct revealed not one, not two, but four separate farming simulators in the forms of Story of Season: It’s a Wonderful Life, Fae Farm, Rune Factory 3 Special, and Harvestella. With the success of games like Stardew Valley and even Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which have less of a focus on farming, these cozy games are popular for a reason. 

However, most of these franchises are lesser known to the wider gaming community. What’s Rune Factory? Are any of these connected to Harvest Moon? Maybe a great way for more people to be introduced to the genre would be for other franchises to include a life simulation game, otherwise known as “Life Sims.” What franchises could make for a good life sim?

My first thought was a life sim set in Hyrule. Build your own town, set up markets and local farms, clear out nearby dungeons, and defend it from roaming baddies. Let the Hero of Time worry about saving the world, those Bokoblins are encroaching on your neighbors bomb flowers. 

Another idea I had was a space fairing game like Halo or Mass Effect. Instead of battling enemy fleets and aliens, you’re designated to settle a new colony on a planet. You’d have to organize trade with other planets, research local flora and fauna, and try and build a community out of the resources at your disposal. Like Animal Crossing in space.

To be honest, the very first thought I had here was Pokémon. Instead of farming, imagine a Pokémon game where your goal is to build up a town with milestones like getting your own Pokémon Center, your own Contest Hall, or even your own Gym where you get to serve as Gym Leader. Maybe by collecting and planting certain berries, you can attract different wild Pokémon. You could connect online and trade with other people’s towns to further diversify your settlement. With a franchise as big as Pokémon, the possibilities seem endless.

What sort of life sim would you want to see? What franchises could make that transition into a cozy, relaxing gaming experience? Let us know below or join us on the Boss Rush Discord.

Image Source: Stardew Valley

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