Boss Rush Banter: What Show or Movie Would You Want from Nintendo Pictures?

So, Nintendo finally launched their own film company, Nintendo Pictures. For the most part, Nintendo has keep their high-profile IPs heavily guarded–which is why we’ve seen so little Nintendo shows or movies compared to franchises from other publishers. Sure, we have Pikmin shorts, and we all eagerly await the new Super Mario Bros. movie, but with the advent of Nintendo Pictures, what would you like to see them create?

I think one of the most obvious answers is a show or movie steeped in Legend of Zelda lore. Many of us Zelda fans hope to cleanse ourselves from the cringe-worthy show back in 1989.

“Well, excuse me, Princess” –Courtesy of Nintendo (via Zelda Universe)

The Legend of Zelda is rich with content and contains such an expansive universe that could provide a springboard of ideas for a series or movie. If Nintendo still wishes Link to be the silent protagonist, the show or movie could focus on another protagonist–such as from the point of view from Zelda herself! How about a movie following the Sheikah tribe and Impa?

I also believe Star Fox could find a revival in a movie. A sci-fi fantasy featuring Fox McCloud and his teammates exploring Corneria would be delightful for kids and adults alike. With technology to create breathtaking CGI, Nintendo could do amazing things with planets in the Lylat System.

Courtesy of Nintendo (via The Game of Nerds)

Of course, I could go on and on. While there is a rumor of a Donkey Kong feature film in the works (which makes sense if Nintendo follows a “multi-verse” mentality with Super Mario Bros.), I can easily see Kirby and Splatoon as featured shorts, just like they did with Pikmin as well. Lastly, the Xenoblade Chronicles would make a fantastic anime for Nintendo.

What do you think Nintendo Pictures should create? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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Featured Image Source: Nintendo (via TechRadar)

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