Nintendo Officially Launches New Film Company “Nintendo Pictures.”

Nintendo on Monday launched the official website for its new video production company, appropriately titled “Nintendo Pictures.”

The Japanese game developer made headlines in July when they purchased “Dynamo Pictures, Inc.,” and announced that the company would be rebranded to better indicate that it is a Nintendo brand.

The website is a Japanese domain, and thus the material within is solely in Japanese. Via Google Translate, the “About” section for the company states:

Nintendo Pictures Co., Ltd. is a video production company wholly owned by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

We aim to have consumers around the world learn about Nintendo characters through video, and to create unique videos that will remain in their memories forever.

To that end, each and every one of employees will always think about what our customers around the world will find interesting, and we will work hard to create and organization that can continue to grow by engaging in video production with interest.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to continue providing unique and surprising images to customers around the world, transcending generations and eras.”

Nintendo Pictures

Dynamo Pictures is no stranger to creating Nintendo related content, as they worked closely with Shigeru Miyamoto in crafting the Pikmin short movies; one of which can be viewed below.

Nintendo appears to be making the steps to bring its wide range of gaming characters, worlds, and stories in as many audiences as possible. Illumination has been tirelessly working on the Super Mario Bros. movie for the past several years, and a Donkey Kong feature film is also rumored to be in the works. In addition, the amusement park Super Nintendo World opened in Japan in 2021, with an American location scheduled to open in 2023.

What kinds of movies would you like to see come from Nintendo Pictures? Do you expect them to be similar to the Pikmin short films, or would you like to see grander projects that will make their way to the silver screen? What Nintendo properties do you think are the best candidates for a film adaptation? Sound off in the comments below, as well as on our Facebook page and our official Discord server!

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