Donkey Kong Coming to the Big Screen?

With the announcement of Illumination’s Super Mario Brothers movie at the last Nintendo Direct in late September, we were treated with a cast of characters and their voice actors. We found out that the actor Seth Rogen will be bringing Donkey Kong’s voice to life within that universe. We are now hearing from Giant Freakin Robot that a trusted source has told them that a solo Donkey Kong movie is also in production by Illumination. Along with Seth as Donkey Kong, Fred Armisen will be in it as well, reprising his role as Cranky Kong, which he voices in the upcoming Mario movie. It’s up in the air though on what other Kongs may show up, but I’m sure we will see a diverse and fun cast.

What is interesting is that Universal has already created Super Mario World at the Universal Studios theme park and a few months ago we had word that the next world they will include in the park is that of Donkey Kong. Could more future announced Nintendo theme parks also correlate to future movie releases? Time will tell.

Do you think this information will turn out to be true? What other projects may be coming from Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal? What other movies would you like Nintendo characters to show up in?   

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