Machine Learning Patent Filed by Sony to Show Button Input Captions to Viewers

Recently Sony filed for a patent that utilizes machine learning to potentially enhance a viewers experience of gameplay sessions. By using methods to train artificial intelligence to leverage data that is obtained from input presses from the controller it will provide the user with a more accurate outlook by presenting auto-generated captions taken from the gameplay. This could be done with recorded metadata even without an actual controller.

Source: Virtual Patents

Sony continuously is testing, creating, and filing patents that they may or may not use in the future of their products. Training and utilizing machine learning is a long process and each game would have to go through an extensive process. This process would most likely be used for first party titles initially and may need to be rolled out in dev kits for future third party or indie titles if they want to utilize the technology for any reasons that they may want to enhance their game experience.

Sony also has many other patents In the works such as continuous gameplay recording technology which is based on save states that could allow for a more fluid way to save the data and allow the player to access a moment in game more organically, a what-if gameplay system that generates hypothetical game replays to demonstrate features, and even gaze tracking technology that would be utilized in certain games that are not VR.

Plenty of patents are made every year but they can rarely be used in any technology that comes to the market. But its fun to see what people are coming up with and what we can potentially see in the future from these types of companies.

What do you think Sony could do to utilize this machine learning? Have you come across machine learning before? What patents do you hope will get utilized? Let us know your thoughts.     

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