Sony Thinking Ahead with E-Sports Betting Service Patent

According to PatentScope, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent involving an e-sports betting platform. While this has recently been listed, it appears this was initially filed back in 2019.

This application seems to allow viewers to place bets with a user interface overlay during live streamed events. What makes this more intriguing is the currency that could be used. It mentions not only traditional money, but also bitcoin or non-monetary items like digital rights, virtual currency, and game assets. Bitcoin seemed to stick out due to a recent surge in public interest over cryptocurrency.

Another curious aspect of this patent is that the language did not make it Playstation exclusive. It referenced other consoles and computers, keeping the door open to expand the platform beyond themselves.

For those that don’t know, Sony had also purchased one of the hugest fighting game tournaments, Evo. While it is speculation, this could tie to the e-sports betting patent.

This concept is an exciting and new possible avenue of revenue for Sony; however, we all must be mindful that the patent game in itself is like betting. Companies in this industry are known to file patents left and right, and many do not come to fruition.

Do you think investing in e-sports betting is a smart move on Sony’s part? How likely do you think this patent will come to life? Let us know on our Discord.

Sources: IGN, PatentScope

Featured Image Source: AFootballReport

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