Boss Rush Banter: Why Has Nintendo Not Utilized the Paper Mario Art Style in Another IP?

There are plenty of art styles in video games and I love the wide range and innovation it carries especially when it is done with great care and purpose. One of my favorites must be the Paper Mario style of art. The crisp and bold look with clean cut elements just appeals to me in many ways, even the way they animate and use various paper qualities to add to the scenes is fantastic. But though I love this look for the Mario franchise its hard to not wonder what other franchises could benefit from this art style.

Zelda – This franchise always is on my mind, and I would love to see a Zelda RPG style game done in the paper style. A Hyrule kingdom flattened to perfection, and we could even utilize mechanics form past Zelda games such as wall merging from A Link Between Worlds or you become the parasail cloth as you fold into it. The thought of a remake for Minish Cap in a Paper Mario Style also would have me excited. Give me any Paper Mario- Zelda mashup and I think it would be an amazing new adventure in Hyrule.  

Donkey Kongwhen thinking of a series that would look amazing in paper style, I thought of two separate games under the Donkey Kong franchise. The first was a new Mario vs Donkey Kong: March of the Mini’s type game using a paper style vs a wind-up toy style. I think it would look aesthetically pleasing. The second franchise would be to play a new Donkey Kong Country game is a side scrolling paper style adventure. I believe this would mesh well and a paper Mâché banana, to me, looks just as edible as a sprite version of the tropical fruit.  

Mario Maker – This series, when refreshed in the future, will need new art styles for the custom level design. I can’t think of anything better then to introduce a Paper Mario art style within the game. It would be fun to see all the innovative ways they would animate the items and enemies as you traverse the course. I feel this would be a great fit and a lovely way to have a new fresh look on the next generation of Mario Maker levels.

Would you like to see another IP from Nintendo in Paper Mario art style? Like maybe Yoshi or Advanced Wars? Do you have additional ideas to the three I suggested? Do you think this art style would work well in a new Mario Maker game? Let us know your thoughts on this?

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