Questing for the Holy Grail: Bretonnia’s Army Revealed for Warhammer: The Old World

Warhammer: The Old World approaches. A revival of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Games Workshop’s original flagship wargame, The Old World revives the “rank and flank” playstyle of the original game and brings fan-favorite factions like Kislev, the Tomb Kings, and the Bretonnians back to life. 

The Bretonnians take center stage in the first full model reveal. Chivalrous knights inspired by the Arthurian Legend and the tumultuous shared history of France and Britain, Bretonnians serve the mysterious Lady of the Lake and ride into battle without ranged weapons–as true honor is only found in face to face combat!

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

Warhammer: The Old World introduces standardized paint schemes for Bretonnia. Canonical paint schemes have always been optional. Space is often provided in Games Workshop’s settings to make the armies entirely your own: your own lore, your own characters, your own color and designs. This can range from something as simple as your own colors on an army, or as wild as surfer orcs.

Like medieval battlefields, the old Bretonnian armies were a riot of clashing colors and heraldries. The new canonical paint schemes each reflect the provinces of Bretonnia, and the barons underneath each duke.

Though if you do want a canonical reason for your army to be painted as you please, the designers plan to offer alternate rules for Bretonnians in wild colors:

None of this means the old colour schemes have gone away. We also plan to introduce rules for Exile and Crusade armies. The first allows fans to focus on dishonoured Knights, while the second focuses on the idea of the glorious crusades that form when Knights from all over Bretonnia answer the call to undertake a quest. These schemes can be very colourful indeed, just like the classic Bretonnian armies. In short, we wanted to give hobbyists the chance to paint a Bretonnian army in a uniform scheme, while maintaining the idea that every model can be unique if you want it to be for those who relish a challenge.

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

New models will be in the same scale as models from the original Warhammer Fantasy Battles. While their sculpts are a little different, they look like they belong alongside their original counterparts. Square bases are retained, but they are 25mm rather than 20mm. Older models will need to be either rebased or placed on a properly sized moving tray for competitive play. The base size is not expected to make a meaningful difference in casual play.

As Warhammer Community explains:

Over the decades, our models have become larger and more dynamic, which means that many units have become difficult to arrange into ranks and files. Players must be able to line their models up without complex planning about which spear has to go where in order to use them in-game. On top of that, we didn’t like that the back ranks were hidden and hard to see.

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

Warhammer: The Old World‘s release date has not been announced, but it is expected by the end of the year.

What do you think? Are you excited for Warhammer: The Old World? What characters do you hope to return? And, importantly, how are you painting your army? Please share your thoughts with us below, on our Boss Rush Facebook Group, or the Boss Rush Discord!

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Source: Warhammer Community

Image Source: Warhammer Community

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