Death is Only the Beginning: Warhammer: The Old World Unveils Bretonnian, Tomb King Hero Models

Games Workshop has revealed two more figures from the upcoming Warhammer: The Old World line: a Bretonnian paladin, and a Tomb King whose role and rank are left vague (they are, however, seemingly, a Tomb Prince).

Additionally, Games Workshop announced the line’s materials: new and refreshed models will be composed of metal, plastic, or resin.

These models are cast in resin. Resin is excellent for capturing fine detail, and holds paint well, but has a significant downside. It is exceptionally difficult to do anything with resin beyond painting a model as-is, as its fine dust is a carcinogenic hazard.

The Bretonnian Paladin

Arthurian Legend has inspired these chivalrous knights along with the tumultuous shared history of France and Britain. Bretonnians serve the mysterious Lady of the Lake and ride into battle without ranged weapons–as true honor is only found in face-to-face combat.

Alastair, the designer of the model, is a long-time fan of the Bretonnians. Games Workshop often only credits designers by first name. Ideally, in future, they will receive open credit.

Getting to work on a Bretonnian was so exciting! I collected a small Bretonnian force previously for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, so being able to add to a range that I used to play with all those years ago was awesome. I really enjoyed being able to search through older source material for inspiration, there is so much rich design language in the old army books that really inspired the design of this miniature. In my mind, Bretonnian Knights are stoic warriors, and perhaps just a little pompous, so I wanted to make sure that those attitudes came across in the miniature by having him stand heroically over his beheaded opponent – an Orc who I am sure he bested in single combat with little trouble!


The Tomb King

The Tomb Kings were once the greatest human civilization, but that was many years ago, and a great many tragedies ago. Their promised resurrection was a lie, and they live in mockeries of their old lives, striving to find a way to truly live once again. While they are antagonistic toward most other factions, they are not necessarily villainous.

Agata, the designer of this model, delved into the Tomb Kings’ history and fate.

I was really happy to find out that I was going to be working on a Tomb King. Their story is so tragic and I found it fascinating to learn all about it. They spent all that time preparing for a glorious afterlife but, thanks to a cruel twist of fate, they are forced to suffer their eternal life trapped within shrivelled, mummified bodies. I wanted to capture that tragedy and the anger they must feel about their fate in the miniature, which is why he is posed in such an aggressive stance with such a furious expression on his face.

Warhammer: The Old World‘s release date has not been announced, but it is expected to launch by the end of the year. 

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Source: Warhammer Community

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