Boss Rush Banter: What Weapons are the Best in the Horizon Series?

Weapons of Choice is where my tastes have shifted the longer I play in the franchise. Part of the fun with this series is developing your playstyle and watching it evolve. 

With Burning Shores’ release last week, we got introduced to the Zenith Gauntlet – the first we’ve seen. 

Did it make its way onto my list of favorite weapons? No. As I mentioned in my review, it doesn’t fit my playstyle. 

But after two games, here are my favorite weapons to grab. 

  1. Sharpshot Bow

I love the range of this weapon. It’s the bow with the furthest range, which means I can hide from machines and enemies and snipe them. And the more I can do in stealth mode, the happier I am. 

We’ve seen this evolve throughout the games. Different bows have provided other elemental-type matchups. But if I’m frank and using this bow, I tend to gravitate to the basic arrows. I’m shooting for distance and damage. 

2. Tripcaster

I mentioned in an earlier article how throughout a second playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn, I’ve come to appreciate the Tripcaster properly. Also, I feel bad for calling it a secondary weapon in that article. I’ve taken down machines using nothing more than the Tripcaster.

For one, I use it to set traps when machines outnumber me. I did a How To on this last month. I don’t have the best reflexes, so having that extra help has improved my gameplay and helped me shift my difficulty. 

3. Boltblaster 

This quickly earned a spot as one of my favorites. The ability to fling explosive projectiles at machines makes dealing with a pack of them that much easier. 

4. Blastsling

For similar reasons, the Boltblaster is on this list; the Blastsling earns its spot. I love having three different weapons that I can fire at a range. I particularly love using element bombs here as they (at least to me) provide more damage. 

What about you? Do you have a favorite weapon in the Horizon franchise? If so, what is it? Is there one you want to try? Should you play again? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord!

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  1. I enjoy similar weapons in other games, so I’m most excited to try the tripcaster.

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