Boss Rush Banter: What Has You Hyped After a Week of Announcements?

Early June came bounding in with all sorts of reveals, updates, and trailers for the coming year and beyond. Summer Game Fest, showcases from PlayStation and Xbox, and a cadre of game-specific presentations have given video game fans new details to wade through (and obsess over) for days! Among all the excitement, what has you hyped for your next favorite game?

Between Final Fantasy XVI suddenly appearing as a free demo, and a clear release window for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, the gamers in my house are riding high. With age, it seems, I lost time for grinding in RPGs, and Square Enix no longer had time for AAA games with turn-based combat. So for a long time, I bounced off of Final Fantasy. It’s taken games like Horizon Zero Dawn, the new strain of God of War, and pretty much all of FromSoft’s catalog to warm me up to the “action” half of the action RPG genre. Now that I’m here, though, I am absolutely pumped to guide Clive through Dahlmekia and beyond. Not so long ago I would have just been bitter that it doesn’t come with an ATB-style combat option.

What’s done it for you? Is there a trailer or game that has you gripped until its release date? Has any news had the opposite effect? Talk to us down in the comments or over at the Boss Rush Discord!

Featured Image: Square Enix

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