Announcements From Genshin Impact’s 3.8 Livestream

On June 6, the Genshin Impact livestream announced all new content that will be coming with the 3.8 update. Here’s a compacted account of everything that was revealed in this livestream. 

New Summer Event

The new summer event is called Secret Summer Paradise. It’s an event that seems to include Klee, Eula, Kokomi, and Collei, a diverse range of characters for sure. It will be the first summer event in Genshin Impact not in the Golden Apple Archipelagos, but instead takes place in a magic bottle found in the Sumeru desert. 

The rewards for this event are the typical primogems, crowns, character and weapon enhancement materials, and mora, but it also includes being able to invite Layla to the player’s team (or add a constellation to her kit) and Kaeya’s all new skin. 

New Character Skins

In the livestream, it was also revealed that both Klee and Kaeya will be receiving new skin outfits. Kaeya is a Sumeru-themed outfit reminiscent of that of the Genie’s in Aladdin with peacock feathers and colors adorning it, an homage to his constellation that’s a peacock. Kaeya’s skin will be available through the event for free. 

Source: HoYoverse

Klee’s new outfit is themed around being a little witch with a large, flaming red hat. However, she also looks a lot like she stepped out of a story book, taking inspiration from old Germanic influences in the style of her dress. Klee’s new skin can be bought through the store, likely for a reduced price during this update as was the case with previous skins for five star characters. 

Source: HoYoverse

Other Events

Players will also have other events available throughout the 3.8 update outside of the summer event. One is Shared Sight where players will assist a researcher in collecting data using an item called the Inscribed Mirror to view the environment from the animals point-of-view to locate the animals. 

Another event that will be available is called Perilous Expedition. Players will be helping a Liyuen adventurer explore Sumeru, though this event is actually combat-based and not exploratory. 

The third event will be Adventurer’s Trials: Advanced hosted by the Mondstadt Branch Master of the Adventurer’s Guild, Cyrus. Like its previous variations, this event will have various minigames that are fun ways to train adventurers including kicking slimes into goals, throwing objects into wreaths while being attacked, and dodging traps. 

The last event for this update will be a Genius Invokation TCG event, The Forge Realm’s Temper: Endless Swarm, where players will be able to fight an endless round of enemies to rack up points and earn rewards. 

Genius Invokation TCG Update

There will be new cards available in the next update. Some of the new character cards that will be added to the game are for Candance, Yanfei, and Kazuha. 

New Hangout Event

Although players have been able to play through Kaeya’s story quest since the beginning of the game, a hangout event has not been made for this character. Finally, in the next update, a hangout event for Kaeya will be available for all players to enjoy. 

Character Banners

In the first phase of 3.8, the two rated up five star characters will be Eula and Klee. In the second phase of the update, the two rated up five stars will be Kokomi and Wanderer. 

New Album Released

Genshin Impact’s third commemorative album The Shimmering Voyage Vol. 3  will be released during the next update. It will have three discs which contain the original music from version 3.0 to 3.8, including music from the events during this period. It will have over 60 songs with this new volume. 

Source: HoYoverse

Fontaine Teaser

At the end of the livestream, players got more sneak peeks into the upcoming nation of Fontaine. Players follow a character who patrols the city, keeping the peace. The peaks that players get reveal a very steampunk-esque city. Even the NPCs can be seen to be wearing elegant dresses with their hair tied up and fans in their hands. 

Source: HoYoverse

The teaser also reveals a large aquatic railway with water ducts spanning a great distance to help ferry people around. There also appears to be many fountains throughout the city, fitting for a nation home to the Hydro Archon. 

Source: HoYoverse

Alongside the bright city, there appears to be an underground sewer system that will be available for players to explore, a darker place that likely runs beneath the city which only enhances its steampunk aesthetic. 

Source: HoYoverse

Players also got a better look at what they saw in the 3.7 livestream teaser of Fontaine. The traveler dives into the water and is submerged to see a new, oceanic world. Players get to see all new creatures that swim alongside them in this new nation. They are also shown what appears to be a water blade that the traveler shoots to cut down large stalks of kelp in the way of a treasure chest. 

Source: HoYoverse

Redemption Codes

With every livestream, HoYoverse releases three codes that will give travelers some primogems and extra rewards that can be redeemed here

6A836GNUA52Z – 100 Primogems and Ten Mystic Enhancement Ores

2SR3PY7CA52V – 100 Primogems and Five Hero’s Wits

QBQ2NH6DB4Z9 – 100 Primogems and 50,000 Mora

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