Cult of the Lamb & Don’t Starve Together Host Collaborative Event

Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that starting on August 22, a new limited time crossover event for the games Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together will see new content added to both titles.

Cult of the the Lamb will introduce a new “Penitence” game mode, where players and their cult followers will need to eat and sleep in order to survive. To help gamers, a unique “Webber” follower type has been added, and will never die of starvation.

In addition, new decorations inspired by the game Don’t Starve Together are available to customize your cultist sanctuary.

Don’t Starve Together has also received a new item in the form of the “Cult of the Lamb crown trinket,” which can be found within the randomly generated world of the game. This trinket can be given as a tribute to the Antlion, who will reward players with blueprints to craft shiny Gold Flooring, a speed-boosting Brick Flooring, and a unique Tabernacle decoration.

There is also a limited-time login bonus for Don’t Starve Together, where players can snag a free item and pet skins based on Cult of the Lamb.

We’ve covered Cult of the Lamb on our website, giving a full review of the cult building simulator that released last year. Don’t Starve Together, developed by Klei Entertainment, is a roguelike action title where players must survive against the elements in a twisted, randomly generated world.

Both games are now 35% off during the crossover period, which will run through the end of the month.

What are your thoughts on these two games? Will this event entice you to return to their macabre worlds? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our social media pages and our Discord server for more gaming and pop culture content!

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