How To Create Seasonal Crops In Fae Farm

Phoenix Lab’s newest game, Fae Farm is one of the newest additions to the farming sim genre. Along with traditional features, there are some newer ones to explore as you wander the land of Azoria. 

One of the interesting mechanics of the game is the crop alchemy that they set up. Though this idea is not a new one to the genre – Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life had a system of their own back in 2003 – this is a different take than I’ve seen from other games in the genre. 

A thing of note, it will take you into the second year to unlock and acquire seeds for all of the crops available for you in the year. This is due to the fact that you must work towards Farming Level 20 to unlock the final base crop: peppers. 

But how do you unlock the seasonal varieties of crops? How do you acquire those seeds? Let’s take a look. 

  1. Purchase base crops from Holly in the marketplace

When you first start out, you will be able to purchase turnips, cauliflower, and beans. Along the way, you will also unlock potatoes, corn, and finally peppers. These six crops will be used to help create their seasonal counterparts. 

One great thing is that there’s less waiting around for store hours as they are open for most of the day. I’ve been down as early as 7:30 and as late as 9 at night and been able to purchase from any of the vendors there in the marketplace. 

  1. Plant the base crops and water them. 

If this is your first year, I’d suggest going with larger quantities if you want to stock up on seeds for later in the season (or for the following year). Through most of year one, I had two plots of each crop going. One was the base crop for money and the other was the seasonal variety to gain the seeds (and sell the rest). 

I did sections of 18 crops. 

Go ahead and water them. 

  1. Buy or make Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer

Once again, you can visit Holly to purchase this, but it is the most expensive fertilizer she has and it can add up quickly. You could work around this by making it yourself! 

First off, you will need to make a Garden Bench on your farm. That requires 3 Oak Lumber (which means you need to upgrade your axe to a Feyrite Axe as well as a sawmill), 15 clay and 15 silt. 

By winter, I built my second bench because I would have multiple projects going in their queues. There is plenty of room to queue up a variety of things but if you want to expedite things (or run fertilizer in one and seeds in the other) it doesn’t hurt to build a second. 

After you get the Garden Bench, you can make 10 fertilizers with: 1 mulch (you must upgrade your shovel to dig out mulch), 1 Frog Sweat (catch frogs and use your conservatory to harvest it – occasionally frogs will drop an extra when you catch them), and 1 ammonite which can be found down by the ocean. 

  1. Apply fertilizer to desired crops 

Apply this to every single crop you want to convert into a new type. I will add this note, not every crop will convert. And not every crop will convert on the first day, they will do it bit by bit as they grow. 

Sometimes it happens faster in different seasons or some crops take to it better, I haven’t discovered a rhyme or reason to the algorithm on it yet. 

But keep an eye on it and you’ll soon have seasonal crops! 

  1. Use the garden bench to convert some to seeds

This is super important otherwise you have to do the process all over again as the extra seeds will never appear in the shop – only the base seeds. Make sure you put aside enough seeds for the next batch (or season) by using your garden bench. 

And there you have it! That’s how you get all of the seasonal crops in Fae Farm! 

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