Play Games. Be Better.

Here at Boss Rush Games, we have a simple motto: Play Games. Be Better. It explains what we are about and what we want others to be. Throughout the years, we have met wonderful and joyous people with a passion for games and more in the entertainment culture. With our podcast, themed shows, and other content we love to create, we express the positivity we share with the community, listeners, and viewers.

As we are growing our team and reaching out to other creators, we want our platform to be a welcoming and safe place to discuss, educate, promote, and help build up one another. From Boss Rush Podcast to One V One, we continue to work hard while having fun to bring light on what we stand by with our motto.

It’s not always guaranteed we’ll get it right, but we’ll learn from our mistakes, discuss them, and execute ways to be better. What we won’t tolerate is anyone in our community and on our teams being attacked. If our team is reaching out for a recording or anything else, they will reach out to those who seem fitting for that show or that discussion.

Outright attacks to someone and messaging them on social media isn’t acceptable. If you want to direct anything harsh, please come to me. I will listen to what you have to say, which might seem odd, but if the other method isn’t your way of voicing your concerns, then let me hear your ideas.

In this time in the world, we need change and unity. We need love and equality. Boss Rush wants to work with various people around the world. We have a fantastic team who work behind the scenes to help us, and we are thankful for that.

Our community helps out here and there, and we love them for it. We want everyone to feel like they are part of the conversation. We don’t want anyone to feel excluded or not represented. How can we be better if we did that?

We welcome all to our safe platform. I love creating content with this network and crew of people. I love meeting and supporting new creators or veterans. It helps us work on being better and gives us a chance to find new games to play. Our motto stands as it is, so let’s play games and be better. Leave the negativity in a box in a closet.

If you need to voice anything critical or disagree with us, we have an email at