Boss Rush Banter: Which Stale Franchise Is Most In Need Of A Rebirth?

Many franchises have reinvented themselves or rebooted a popular title with extraordinary visuals and game play mechanics that make it better for the modern players. With gaming becoming popular year after year, there tends to be some fall out or loss of interest for titles that were popular at a point and hit a peak of success. I do enjoy a lot of series that go out and experiment with new ideas, but there is one series that needs a major do over.

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Grand Theft Auto has become a dull and tiresome series that hasn’t changed enough to make it appealing and worth the play time. Yes, it sells abundantly, but it’s not because of its substance. Its name allows it to deliver, in spite of forgettable stories, haphazard controls, dreadful dialogue. Its mission structures are tedious enough to make Cooking Mama feel like game of the year.

Before you yell and become upset from the tone in this piece, hear me out. Sand box or open world games have evolved to make the genre great and deliver a huge replay value. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Saint’s Row: The Third, and Sleeping Dogs really push the needle when it comes to offering content, quality in controls, story lines and characters that draw players in or allow them to create. The writing in these games can feel cinematic and hilarious when done right.

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In 2013, Grand Theft Auto V tried to do something interesting, but failed in its delivery. Once again, sale numbers don’t lie, but the game didn’t push anyone to really talk about the characters, story, and game play. It had the same formula: go to a place, shoot enemies, drive away, and get the star rating down to lose the police. Add in flying with controls from E.T. on the Atari 2600 and you have a lever of frustration beyond understanding.

The series needs innovation and stimulating content. I’ll take Sleeping Dogs‘ driving mission idea with the AI controlling the cars and allowing the player to shoot at the targets. Better yet, if I have to drive, allow my AI to handle the action. Heck, give me Burnout Takedown car crashing and let me really cause destruction. Throw in some Hitman, Devil May Cry, or even Skate Or Die ideas for this game. Anything to break the monotonous execution in its games.

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Some people do enjoy the ghastly comfort Grand Theft Auto V brings and that works for them. For me, the series has become a letdown of stale and predictable plot points with a underwhelming structure that other titles have improved upon. The franchise needs to go back to the drawing board. If not, the rehashing of its failures will just be excused, and it’ll continue to be a stale franchise that will make Rockstar money while failing to be something truly great.

Do you agree that the Grand Theft Auto series needs a refresh? What other series are in need of a makeover? Share your reactions in the comments below or join our Discord and tag our writers into the conversation.

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