Boss Rush Banter: What Coveted First Party Franchise Do You Most Want To Cross Over?

Nintendo is the king of crossover at the moment. Think about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; consider all the developers and publishers they have worked with to have characters, music, costumes, and more available in the game, the unexpected reveals that have happened, all of which make the value of the game so much deeper to those in the fighting community. And while I love the Smash Bros. franchise, I would actually prefer a crossover from two major companies you probably wouldn’t guess.

Let me just put it out there and say it won’t happen; but maybe, just maybe there’s a possibility. Depending on talks, contracts, and how it would work out, this idea could throw each fan base and gamer community for a complete loop if it did occur.

Vs. Excitebike Hits Wii U VC Tomorrow - Nintendo Enthusiast

Forza Horizon and Excitebike should come together on Xbox. That’s right. Nintendo allowing Microsoft and Playground Games Limited to bring the arcade dirt bike riding title to the beautiful and casual racing series would be huge for both. Since Excitebike has had some low key success and Forza Horizon has sold successfully (making it a leading series for Xbox), this crossover would make the racing community and gamers really take note.

I mean why not? Nintendo can use the help with the Excitebike series and pairing it Forza Horizon could help it in a major way, particularly since Horizon doesn’t have any motorcycles or dirt bikes. The extensive customization Forza has and the physics this game does so well, can allow Nintendo to learn and help Playground with the development. I love the Excitebike series and treasured that the last one that came to the Wii; this kind of crossover would sell even more copies.

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To see those dirt bikes jumping around to the selective soundtrack Playground does so well would be satisfying. You could custom make tracks, while having online teams race on them with the cars and dirt bikes could bring hilarity yet still feel intense and deliver that adrenaline rush players love. I can just see it, whether its included in the next game or even a DLC. Of course, the question remains whether Nintendo would want it available on Switch or if Xbox would fight to keep it exclusive.

So yeah, that is my crossover I want to happen. Of course, a lot people may say other franchises should cross over with Nintendo; but for these two, it would even drive me to my Xbox to purchase it.

What would be your ideal first party crossover? Tell us in the comments or come join our Discord and share it with us.

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