Boss Rush Banter: What Crossover Characters Do You Want to See in Fortnite?

As many have noted, lately Fortnite has become the Super Smash Bros. of first person shooters, so full of crossover characters that it has become a celebration of all things gaming, comic, and film related. Most notably, the recently ended Chapter 2, Season 5 featured a “hunters” theme in which Jonesy recruited the greatest hunters and warriors in the galaxy to come to the island; the season included a wide range of crossovers, with franchises like Aliens, Terminator, God of War, and many others appearing in the item shop.

A recent report from Game Informer, in which Epic Games confirms the rumor, details how surveys are being sent to players by email asking what characters they would like to see as future crossovers. It seems clear that at this point, anything is possible in Fortnite; so for today’s Boss Rush Banter question, we wanted to ask you about your wish list. What crossover characters do you want to see in Fortnite?

One idea that I’m dreaming about is a season featuring The Matrix, in which players could purchase Neo, Trinity, Agent Smith, and Morpheus from the item shop. Given the ever changing nature of the island, it seems like a trip inside the Matrix would fit perfectly with the evolving chaos already in the game. It seems like escaping the Matrix and beating the Loop are pretty much on par. Maybe, I’m just too into the films from my youth!

Tell us what you think. What characters would you most like to see as crossovers in Fortnite? Share your reactions in the comments below or join the discussion on our Discord.

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