Boss Rush Banter: What Video Game Has the Best Fireworks?

Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans celebrating today! In light of the holiday, we thought we’d ask, Which video game has the best or most iconic fireworks? The following are a few contenders we had in mind.

Super Mario games: Dating back to the classic Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment system, this franchise has often incorporated fireworks into games to celebrate player accomplishments. In this NES classic, players could earn fireworks by finishing the level with the last number on the timer being a one, three, or six.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: In the famously unique Zelda game, the three-day cycle in Clock Town ends with the Carnival of Time. The carnival is accompanied by a vibrant fireworks show, which would be great if the demonic-looking moon wasn’t crashing to the earth. Can’t say you don’t get your money’s worth for the show!

Video courtesy of Nintendo, cresen.

Fortnite Events: The widely popular, often controversial multiplayer shooter is famous for its celebrations and live events. From New Year’s Eve to the Fourth of July, Epic Games has hosted live events that are spectacular to behold. These in-game experiences bring players together from around the world to celebrate major events and really allow people to feel a part of something larger. In some seasons, players can even use fireworks themselves to join in the festivities.

Image courtesy of Epic Games, Fortnite Intel.

Tell us what you think! Which video games have the most memorable fireworks shows? Share your reactions in the comments below or join the discussion on Boss Rush Network’s Discord server and Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Boss Rush Banter: What Video Game Has the Best Fireworks?

  1. I’ve been putting together a similar list! Mario Galaxy has a fun display going on in the intro of the game. Chrono Trigger has a celebration after you beat it. Sonic Generations has a cool level where you actually have to ride on rockets that eventually turn into fireworks. Good stuff! 😁

    1. Great list! Chrono Trigger is a good one. I actually completely forgot Animal Crossing. That definitely should be on the list!

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