Boss Rush Banter: What Game Has Made You Cry?

The Dawn Will Come: A Tearful Song in Dragon Age Inquisition

In the 2014 Game of the Year Dragon Age: Inquisition, you play a hero who becomes the “Herald of Andraste,”, one who has become destined to lead an Inquisition against one of the largest demonic armies the world of Thedas has ever witnessed. The game’s world features many different races and classes, as well as religions and sects. All different, but are united for one common goal. I’ve referenced my feelings on the themes of this game in my article about my tattoos

The story takes a dark turn in the opening few hours of the game. Your Inquisition army becomes overrun by a demonic horde, and you have no choice but to abandon your seemingly well-fortified village. Your army, and its civilians you cared for, are left wandering the dark and snowy mountain tops after causing an avalanche that destroyed the demons chasing after you. 

Your army is lost, with nowhere to go. The demons are too strong, and all hope is lost. Your three closest advisors are standing over a table arguing over the next phases of their journey, many of your soldiers are gravely wounded, others have succumbed to their injuries, and the innocent civilians you are bringing with you are hungry and dispirited. How can they even begin to come up with a plan to fight an overwhelmingly powerful undead army, led by a demonic god? You feel it too. Where can you take your army? How can you inspire them to follow you? 

Mother Giselle, the Revered Mother of the Inquisition, sees the desperation and steps out from her tent. She begins to sing:

“Shadows fall, and hope has fled,
Steel your heart, the dawn will come…”

Everyone in the camp looks up to follow the sound of the angelic voice of Mother Giselle. As she continues to sing, others reach deep within to join her. 

“The shepherd’s lost, and his home is far,
Keep to the stars, the dawn will come.
The night is long, and the path is dark,

Look to the sky, for one day soon,
The dawn will come…”

No musical instruments necessary, just the rousing sounds of everyone’s voices as they band together to sing in unison. “The Dawn Will Come” is a song that reminds those who are lost, beaten, and defeated to keep looking forward, and to keep pushing. Because the dawn will come, and a new day will begin. 

When I witnessed this scene, a tear rolled down my cheek. Who knew something as simple as a song could elicit such an emotion from me? It wasn’t a character dying, it was a feeling of lost hope and desperation, and a reminder to keep moving forward. Keep pushing. Darkness will always be there, but it will not be there forever. 

An army needs more than an enemy. It needs a cause,”

Mother Giselle

Mother Giselle said in conclusion, reminding you to keep that cause in front of you, and others will follow. We all have a cause in life. 

What were some moments in video games that made you tear up? Don’t be shy, share them in the comments or on our Discord

Image Source: US Gamer, The HD Room

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