Loki Review: The Variant

“I know something children don’t; no one bad is truly bad and no one good is truly good” – Loki

Loki is back with a new episode after it SMASHED (kinda like how Loki was smashed by Hulk in Avengers) the views record during its debut on Disney+.

Last week we saw Agent Mobius take a dive into who Loki really is, and showed him hard truths about himself; at the end of the episode, we saw Loki finally agree to help Mobius track down the newest villain of the MCU…himself.


The TVA (Time Variance Alliance) has been made aware of another attack by the Variant (the Loki from another dimension), so they send Agent Mobius to investigate. Before heading into the field, Mobius tells Loki that his cooperation in finding and capturing the Variant will grant him an audience with the Time Keepers. Loki and Mobius investigate the scene of the Variant’s last attack and look for clues, Loki tries to convince everyone that the Variant wants to trick everyone, and the enemy is still within the vicinity of the attack. Mobius sees through Loki’s misdirection and takes everyone back to the TVA. When they arrive, Mobius gives Loki all the notes on the Variant and tells him to investigate to see if the TVA missed a clue that will help track where the Variant is hiding. Loki discovers that if something happens before an apocalypse it doesn’t alter the sacred timeline. This means that the Variant could be hiding in any given apocalypse, and the TVA would never know because it wouldn’t alter the timeline, provided that the Variant left before the apocalyptic event killed them. Mobius and Loki test this theory and discover that Loki is correct, they then set off to try and figure out what apocalypse in human history the Variant could be hiding in. Mobius and Loki discover a clue that Mobius had captured at a previous attack, and conclude from it that the Variant had to be hiding in Oklahoma right before a tornado destroyed the city. 

Mobius, Loki, and several TVA agents arrive in Oklahoma to investigate and split up into groups to try and find the Variant. Loki and Hunter B-15 go into a shopping center to investigate; minutes after arriving the Variant takes control of Hunter B-15, and talks with Loki. Loki tries to convince the Variant that they could work together and destroy the Time Keepers, but instead, the Variant refuses and attacks Loki. The Variant makes quick work of Loki, and as he tries to get back into the fight, the Variant sets off reset charges and sends them into portals. Loki finally makes a hit with the Variant and tells it to show their true identity. The Variant reveals its true self as a figure with a hood, it lifts the hood and reveals Ms. Loki (female version of Loki). The Variant opens a portal and disappears but leaves the portal open, Mobius is finally in the building and sees everything going on; he tries to yell at Loki not to follow the Variant but Loki disappears into the portal. 


WHAT. AN. EPISODE! The last 20 minutes of this episode is absolutely mind-blowing — from the fight between Loki and the Variant, to the reveal of Ms. Loki. This episode absolutely nailed it! I thought this episode struggled with the pace during the first investigation, but after Loki discovers that the Variant could be hiding in an apocalypse, it really increased the pace of the episode. Tom Hiddleston continued to add layers to Loki in this episode by using his discussions with Mobius, and I love the chemistry he has with Owen Wilson. Overall this episode sets up a really great plot for next week’s episode and I can’t wait to see what happens next! 

What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode of Loki? Let us know in the comments section!

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