Revamped Nintendo Online, Could it 1-Up the Service?

Could Nintendo potentially overhaul their online service? Now, if this were to happen, can we say goodbye to the mobile app and its clunky communication? Would it be possible to see a plethora of games, both new and old from Nintendo’s backlog, or are we just thinking too small? I want to go over some indications that I have been noticing and pondering about that may help Nintendo 1-Up its online infrastructure and user experience.

Let’s break this down by stating what if Nintendo had their own library, that consisted of both its current catalog of online service games, and couple with a media streaming service? We could watch Nintendo IP cartoons, past television shows, or movies? Nintendo could breathe some life into their more stagnant series from over the past few decades, and package them into the online yearly fee. So why would I even think that this could be in the realm of possibility? Well, here are a few things I can think of that may point to future ideas.

Points of interest:

1. Remember all the short films and music videos that were downloadable on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2011? Remember watching Dinosaur Office in 3D, seeing the new Captain America trailer, or discovering new artists via a music video? Just imagine if they had this content to consume for Switch owners.

 2. I’m sure few of you can recall the TVii app on your Wii U console that transformed the pad into an overly large tv remote, organized and grouped sports games to your liking. My personal favorite feature was watching a football game on live tv while getting play by play stats from the Wii U tablet, there was also a top-down view of the footballs position on a virtual football field. This was extremely innovative, and unfortunately underused with the Wii U’s already small user base.

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3. The Pikmin short videos made by Shigeru Miyamoto made light of the fact that Nintendo is interested in other interesting avenues for media entertainment. What if Nintendo had a small films department or an indie film program that could boost people’s limelight exposure and showcase talent. I’m sure some great things could come of this.

4. The fact that Nintendo still does not have Netflix on the switch is still surprising. Earlier this year we heard that Nintendo pulled The Legend of Zelda IP from the company after rumored leaks of a Zelda series project. Could Nintendo make their own series and have it as a perk to its online customers? Nintendo just recently added Pokémon TV that even on its own accord could have a monthly subscription. Could this be a good stepping stone for more Nintendo related content?

5. What about all the Nintendo content already out there? Could it find a home on a Nintendo video streaming service? From the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, to the ear-deafening “Excuse Me Princess,” Zelda series? Could we see Donkey Kong, Kirby, or Captain N shows on the service? What about new content? What if the creative minds behind the Castlevania series did a Metroid style version, or the Studio Ghibli style Zelda everyone seems to want? And, of course, we all want the Mario Brothers movie available for are viewing pleasure.

 6. Lastly, we know they have a new Mario movie in the works. What if they make it exclusive to the service after its theatrical debut? Will we see other movies, crossovers? Smash Brothers the movie? Time passing on this earth will reveal what could be next. Wait, Mother the movie?  

The future of video game related content as a video streaming service add-on for Switch online could be very exciting and lucrative to those creating for this type of platform. It would behoove Nintendo to investigate this further, especially since they have already invested time and money in the past towards these types of media passions.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo revamping the online infrastructure, or even possibly shaking up what we know and love from Nintendo? What would you like to see as a show or movie?

 Shane Kelley is a Staff writer for Boss Rush Network, as well as a writer for Another Zelda Podcast. His favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can find him on Twitter to talk video games, Marvel, and axe throwing.

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