MLB Power Rankings: June Recap

Baseball fans welcome to the June recap of the Boss Rush MLB Power Rankings! June has finally ended, now teams are beginning to prepare for the MLB All-Star Game, and the trade deadline the rumors have begun to circulate about who will be buying or selling. This is the part of the season where teams have finally shown us their true identities, and now each team has to hone in on their issues and get them fixed before the dog days of August hit the league. 

Quick note: We will take the week of the MLB All-Star Game off, but we will resume power rankings on July 24th.

  1. Boston Red Sox (+5)

The Boston Red Sox enter July with a league-leading 51 wins; I know that most power rankings will not have the Red Sox on top but I can’t help but love this team. I think the way that Alex Cora has resurrected this team from the pitiful mess that they were a season ago is outstanding. I think the Red Sox will add two new bullpen arms to take the 6th innings when their starters get roughed up early but otherwise, they should be great going into the deadline. 

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (+5)

LA is back on top amidst the team’s personal issues (Trevor Bauer has been accused of sexual assault) and the team is playing extremely well. 

  1. San Francisco Giants (-1)

DO NOT COUNT THE GIANTS OUT! The Giants are legitimately good, the issue this week is that the Dodgers ran through them in their series. The Giants are good and I think they will add another arm in the rotation at the deadline.

  1. Chicago White Sox (-)

Yermin Mercedes was designated for assignment this week which concerns me, but otherwise, I love the White Sox.

  1. Houston Astros (-4)

It concerns me that the Astros were swept this week by the Orioles. 

  1. Milwaukee Brewers (+5)

The Brew Crew is absolutely legit; the concerns I had a few weeks ago have been put to rest as this team rolled through the Chicago Cubs this week. I think if the Brewers will add another bat to this lineup so they can be legitimate contenders. 

  1. San Diego Padres (+3)

The Padres are lowkey the dark horse of the NL West. The Giants and Dodgers will battle each other thinking that one of them will win the division, but if Tatis Jr. gets hot at the plate again, and if the Padres move on from Eric Hosmer they could steal the division. 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (-3)
  2. Oakland Athletics (-6)

The first major trade rumor that I heard this week was Trevor Story to the Athletics. Trevor Story is a really interesting piece at the deadline, but the issue is that he is scheduled to make $6 million in the final two months of the season, and a lot of teams would rather wait until the offseason where they can sign him instead of giving up prospects and having to pay Story a big sum right out the gate. 

  1. Cleveland Indians (-2)

The more I watch the Cleveland Indians, the more I love their bullpen; easily the most entertaining bullpen in the American League. 

  1. New York Mets (+1)

Credit to the Mets for taking care of the Yankees this week; I am still not in love nor do I dislike the Mets. 

  1. Seattle Mariners (+3)
  2. Toronto Blue Jays (+1)
  3. Chicago Cubs (-5)

The Cubs have arguably the biggest series of the season this weekend with the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs season has been a rollercoaster and this weekend will decide whether or not they buy or sell at the deadline. 

  1. New York Yankees (-2)
  2. Washington Nationals (+1)

KYLE SCHWARBER IS A MONSTER (more on that with our MVP of the month). 

  1. Cincinnati Reds (-1)
  2. St. Louis Cardinals (+1) 
  3. Atlanta Braves (+2)
  4. Los Angeles Angels (-2)
  5. Philadelphia Phillies (-1)

Do not count the Phillies out of the division yet, if the Mets cool down and the Phillies add another arm and bat at the deadline they could surprise people and win this division. 

  1. Detroit Tigers (+1)
  2. Miami Marlins (+1)
  3. Colorado Rockies (+2)
  4. Minnesota Twins (-)
  5. Kansas City Royals (-4)

Shoutout to Salvador Perez for being the first Royal since 2010 to be a participant in the Home-Run Derby

  1. Texas Rangers (+1)
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates(-1)
  3. Baltimore Orioles (-)
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks (-)

June American League MVP: Shohei Ohtani 

This one was never even up for debate; Ohtani has 28 home runs and has an ERA under 4.00. Ohtani is the best player in baseball and as of this point should win MVP.

June National League MVP: Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber hit 16 home runs in the month of June and has been the most entertaining piece to the Washington Nationals.

How did your favorite team do; where would you have them ranked? Comment below and we will feature it next week!

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