MLB Power Rankings: The New Faces of the MLB

Baseball fans, it is finally time for the MLB All-Star Game! This is our last MLB Power Rankings before we take a quick break for the ASG. Before we get into the rankings, I wanted to talk briefly about how incredible I think this MLB season has been so far. This season of has shown the world that the next wave of MLB legends are here, and they can do things we never thought were possible. Shohei Ohtani has proven that the days of multi-position players are not gone as some previously thought, Vladimir Guerro Jr. has shown that he will carry the legacy of his dad, and perhaps may even shine brighter, and Fernando Tatis Jr. has proven he is the leader of the west with incredible fielding and one of the best bats in all of baseball. This has been an incredible season for the MLB, and we are only at the halfway point; it’s time to rank the MLB.

  1. San Francisco Giants (+2)

This is the closest that the top three teams have been all season; any of the top three teams could have been the leader, but this week I chose the Giants. The San Francisco Giants have gone above and beyond expectations this season; they have led the most competitive division in baseball for a better part of the season. I think when you look at their schedule post ASG break you have to question if the Giants can stay on top. The Giants will face the Cardinals and Dodgers in back to back series after the ASG. 

  1. Boston Red Sox (-1)

The Boston Red Sox has become the clear-cut favorite to win the AL East; now you might question that with the fact that the Rays are only 2.5 games behind the Red Sox, but I think the Boston Red Sox are miles ahead as far as coaching is concerned. Alex Cora has created a spark in this clubhouse that I have never seen before in the AL East. 

  1. Houston Astros (+2)
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (-2)

The Dodgers are 2 games behind the Giants, but in reality, they have the most potential to win the NL West. The Dodgers are finally healthy again; this is the part of the season where depth plays a huge factor on teams making a post-season push. I think if the pitching can hold up then the Dodgers will end up winning the NL West. 

  1. Chicago White Sox (-1)

The White Sox are starting to get healthy again, as Jimenez and Grandal are both expected to be with the team after the ASG. The White Sox are in an interesting position where the Indians are starting to show issues at the plate, and the Tigers, Royals, and Twins are nowhere close to competing yet for the division. If the Indians can’t figure out how to right the ship the White Sox could run away with the AL Central. 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (+2)
  2. Milwaukee Brewers (-1)

I am hearing rumors that the Brewers are trying to add a couple of bats to the lineup before the trade deadline. I think a piece the Brewers should add is Rockies shortstop Trevor Story. Story has been a hot topic as we approach the deadline — if there was a team that could pull off a move like this, it’s the Brewers. 

  1. San Diego Padres (-1)

Padres could still be the dark horse in the NL West; to do so they will have to start going on a couple of long win streaks. Down the stretch, the Padres will need to prove that they can beat the division to win it and that is a daunting task. 

  1. Oakland Athletics (-)
  2. New York Mets (+1)
  3. Seattle Mariners (+1)
  4. Cincinnati Reds (+5) 

The Cincinnati Reds are in 2nd place in the NL Central, they have two outfielders that are starting in the All-Star Game, and are competing for the division title. 

  1. New York Yankees (-2)
  2. Toronto Blue Jays (-1)
  3. Cleveland Indians (-5) 
  4. Los Angeles Angels (+4)
  5. Chicago Cubs (-3)

It pains me to say this, but as Chicago fans, we have to come to terms with the fact that either Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, or Anthony Rizzo will be traded at the deadline. The Cubs finally broke an 11-game losing streak this week, but it seems like the season may be too far out of reach for the Cubs, and unfortunately, that means that the Cubs may decide to move one or more of their big name players. 

  1. Atlanta Braves (+1)
  2. Philadelphia Phillies (+2)
  3. St. Louis Cardinals (-2)
  4. Washington Nationals (-5)
  5. Detroit Tigers (-)

Even though the Tigers won’t compete for the division title this season, they should hold their heads high; since the beginning of June, the Tigers are 7 games above .500. 

  1. Miami Marlins (-)
  2. Colorado Rockies (-)
  3. Minnesota Twins (-)
  4. Kansas City Royals (-)
  5. Texas Rangers (-)
  6. Pittsburgh Pirates (-)
  7. Baltimore Orioles (-)
  8. Arizona Diamondbacks (-)

How did your favorite team do in this week’s rankings? Comment below and we will feature it next week!

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