MLB Power Rankings: End of the Year

We have arrived at the final weekend of baseball; welcome to the Boss Rush Entertainment MLB Power Rankings. This is our final MLB Power Rankings of the year and before we get to the rankings I wanted to say thank you for an awesome year of covering the MLB. The NL West is going to wait until the last second to decide a winner, the AL Wildcard is showcasing some nail-biting action, and the race for the NL MVP is winding down; it’s time for the final ranking of the season. 

  1. San Francisco Giants

Every time we think the Dodgers might catch up with the Giants the boys from San Francisco find a way to show why they are the best team in baseball this year. The Giants are a phenomenal team but will they win the World Series? As much as I love the Giants I don’t think they make the World Series. 

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers

My pick to go to World Series from the NL is the Dodgers. I love the depth that the Dodgers have and their bullpen is scary good. I doubt the Dodgers win the division, but they are a force to be reckoned with. 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays

I know my co-host of Trash Talk Austin Campbell loves the Rays, and while I adore everything they have accomplished this year I just don’t think they are made for October. The Rays could prove me wrong and pitching might be stronger than I think it is but for now, I just don’t buy the Rays.

  1. Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are a dark horse to win it all this year. The dominance of the Brewers has been spectacular to watch (even if they beat up on my Cubbies). 

  1. Houston Astros

The Astros solidified their division win on Thursday with a win over the Athletics. I think the Astros are a fun team going into the postseason; they have bats that can be explosive, pitching that is dominant, and as much as I hate Astro fans they are fun to watch on the broadcasts. 

  1. Chicago White Sox
  2. New York Yankees

How crazy is it that the Yankees have actually held in and will be a wildcard team in the AL (potentially but I think they will get the spot)? Go Yankees! 

  1. Boston Red Sox

Sox fans are just praying that Alex Cora doesn’t mess up in these final few games and cost the Red Sox a spot in the postseason.

  1. Seattle Mariners

I was hoping to get the Mariners in the top 10 of this final rankings, and they found a way to be on the cusp of going to the playoffs. The Mariners are a prime example of why baseball is so great; at the deadline, the Mariners sold a few pieces that could have won them a wildcard spot; instead, this team has rallied behind each other and put on an impressive run to be competitive.

  1. St. Louis Cardinals

Well done St. Louis! The Cardinals went on a 17-game winning streak to help them win a wildcard spot in the NL Playoffs. I love the tenacity of the Cardinals

  1. Toronto Blue Jays
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. Oakland Athletics
  4. Atlanta Braves

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I write for the final time: “the NL East is still a garbage truck on fire.” 

  1. Philadelphia Phillies
  2. Cleveland Indians
  3. San Diego Padres
  4. Detroit Tigers
  5. New York Mets
  6. Kansas City Royals


  1. Los Angles Angles
  2. Colorado Rockies
  3. Minnesota Twins
  4. Chicago Cubs
  5. Miami Marlins
  6. Washington Nationals
  7. Pittsburgh Pirates
  8. Texas Rangers
  9. Baltimore Orioles
  10. Arizona Diamondbacks

How did your favorite team fare in this week’s rankings? Comment below, and we will give you a shout-out on Boss Rush Entertainment’s Twitter!

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