MLB Power Rankings: The Cubs Threw a Combined No-Hitter

WHAT. A. WEEK. in baseball! Welcome to another weekly MLB power ranking! This week in major league baseball, we watched as Max Scherzer was fondled by the umpires, Kyle Schwarber made history at the plate, and the CUBS THREW A NO HITTER; it’s time for this week’s MLB power rankings. 

  1. Houston Astros (+6)

The Houston Astros have won 11 games in a row (as of Thursday when this ranking was written) and there seems to be no sign of stopping the Astros at the plate. The Astros have the MLB best-run differential (currently 135 runs in the positive) and their pitching has been outstanding. 

  1. San Francisco Giants (-1)

The Giants have a better record than the Astros, but I think they are slowly going to start to decline. The Giants will have a tough two weeks before the All-Star break as they will face the Dodgers, Athletics, Cardinals, and a Nationals team that has proven they can be a tough team to face at home. 

  1. Oakland Athletics (-)

I am really enjoying what the Athletics are doing on the field right now; the issue has become that they struggle against their division (the Athletics are 15-15 against the AL West). If the Athletics are going to take this division over the Astros they have to be better against the AL West, especially when it comes to games against the Angels and Mariners. 

  1. Chicago White Sox (-2)

Surprise, the White Sox are still in the top 5! 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (-1)

The Rays have been bouncing around the top 10 over the last month, and I think I am finally ready to make a prediction; the youth of the Rays is going to cost them the division. I think the management of the Boston Red Sox propels them to win the AL East over the Rays.

  1. Boston Red Sox (-1)

I love that the AL East is competitive this year and a big part of that is how the Boston Red Sox have turned this team back into a winner in only a year. I love the pitching for the Red Sox and lately, the Red Sox have found another level at the plate. 

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (-1)
  2. Cleveland Indians (-)
  3. Chicago Cubs (+1)

THE CUBS THREW A COMBINED NO-HITTER! Bias aside, I have a love/hate relationship with the Chicago Cubs; when the Cubs are focused they are one of the top 5 teams in baseball, but when the Cubs lose that focus they lose series that they should easily win. The Cubs GM recently spoke with the media and said he will be looking to add to this team at the deadline. The Cubs need starting pitching, and quite frankly need to give up on Jake Arrietta. 

  1. San Diego Padres (+2)
  2. Milwaukee Brewers (-)

The NL Central is a fantastic division to watch, and the Brewers are starting to make a case that they should be in the hunt for the division lead. 

  1. New York Mets (-4)

I say this every week but it bears repeating; the NL East is a garbage can on fire. 

  1. New York Yankees (-)
  2. Toronto Blue Jays (+4)

I can’t figure out if I like the Toronto Blue Jays or if I think they are still another year away from being a contender for the division. The AL East is a fun division to watch with 4 of the 5 teams being within 7 games of the lead (Orioles are on pace to be mathematically eliminated by the third week of August). I think if the Blue Jays could be more consistent at the plate I might put them a little bit higher in this ranking, and the Blue Jays also need to play better against the AL East. 

  1. Seattle Mariners (+2)
  2. Cincinnati Reds (-2)

I have mixed feelings about the Reds being in the top 20 of this week’s rankings; on one hand, it makes me smile that they are above the St. Louis Cardinals, and on the other hand I don’t understand how the Reds are staying competitive in the NL Central. 

  1. Washington Nationals (+4)

Kyle Schwarber is on a completely different level, and it’s making the Nationals competitive in the NL East. 

  1. Los Angeles Angels (+1)
  2. St. Louis Cardinals (-4)
  3. Philadelphia Phillies (-4)
  4. Atlanta Braves (-1)
  5. Kansas City Royals (-)
  6. Detroit Tigers (+1)
  7. Miami Marlins (-1)
  8. Minnesota Twins (-)

I really want to poke a stick at the Twins and say “cmon do something”. 

  1. Colorado Rockies (+1)
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates (+1)
  3. Texas Rangers (-2)
  4. Baltimore Orioles (-)
  5. Arizona Diamondbacks (-)

How did your favorite team do this week in the rankings? Comment below and we will feature it next week in the MLB Power Rankings!

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