MLB Power Rankings Week 2

A big week in the MLB has come and gone, let’s get into the newest MLB Power Rankings!

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (+3)

You cannot deny how great the Dodgers are at this point in the season. Dodgers are the first team with 11 wins this season and everything is going their way! 

  1. Boston Red Sox (+8)

Boston is 9-1 in their last ten games, they went on a really nice winning streak this week and I think if they can get some decent starts out of their pitching they could continue to lead the AL East! 

  1. San Diego Padres (+5)

Last week I might have made too much out of the Fernando Tatis Jr injury, the Padres are red hot! The Padres play in the toughest division in baseball and yet I like them to compete for the division lead late this season. Huge props to Joe Musgrove who threw the first no-hitter in Padres history this week. 

  1. San Francisco Giants (+11)

3 teams in the top 4 coming out of the NL West isn’t a huge shock, the division as a whole is just incredible. Giants got a quality start out of Johnny Cueto; who went the distance and pitched a complete game this week

  1. Seattle Mariners (+11)

If there is an imposter in the top 5 it’s the Mariners, they had a great week but I don’t see this continuing! 

  1. Milwaukee Brewers (+11)

The Brewers are going to win the Central, that is all I have on the Brew crew! 

  1. Anaheim Angels (-)
  2. Cleveland Indians (+12)
  3. Philadelphia Phillies (-6)
  4. Kansas City Royals (+11)

The Royals have yet to lose a series, and the bats have been alive at Kaufman Stadium! 

  1. Cincinnati Reds (-9)
  2. Oakland Athletics (+18)

Athletics impressed with a great series against the Astros and their pitching might be decent in the long run.

  1. Chicago White Sox (-1)
  2. Toronto Blue Jays (-)
  3. New York Mets (+7)
  4. Houston Astros (-15)

What a weird week in the AL West, last week the Astros sat atop of this list but the Astros lost  2 out of 3 to the Athletics this week and their pitching has left them in terrible positions.

  1.  Baltimore Orioles (-8)
  2. Tampa Bay Rays (+7)
  3. St Louis Cardinals (-14)

Cardinals had a tough division series against the Brewers, and I think that is the weakness of the Central. The NL Central beats itself up constantly with division series that are brutal. 

  1. Atlanta Braves (+ 7)
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates (+7)
  3. Minnesota Twins (-16)
  4. Miami Marlins (+6)
  5. Detroit Tigers (-5)

I may have underestimated the Tigers, they have some decent young players and their pitching hasn’t been bad at all. 

  1. Texas Rangers (-2)

I hate that the Rangers are in this spot because honestly I think they should be lower. They are the worst of 6 wins teams and their offense is just as bad if not worse than the Cubs.

  1. New York Yankees (-13)
  2. Chicago Cubs (-16)

David Ross got suspended this week in one of the most bizarre stories of the week (editorial coming next week) and the Cubs cannot hit the ball. Jake Arrietta has been absolutely fantastic but otherwise not much to cheer for in Wriggley.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks (-2)
  2. Washington Nationals (-5)
  3. Colorado Rockies (-12)

How did your favorite team rank? Write a comment below or hit us up on twitter @TrashtTalkBRG!

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