Boss Rush Banter: What if Nintendo Online Offered Arcade, Virtual Boy, and New Remix Games?

Everyone knows that the slow trickle of games dripping into the veins of consumers has made the games that are currently available stagnant to those who desire a bit more from the service. We know Nintendo has added a few classic arcade and NES remix-type games, and they continue to come out with online multiplayer game such as Tetris 99 and Pacman 99, but how can Nintendo keep the momentum going and utilize classic games into the modern-day spotlight. Here are a few insights, thoughts, and aspirations I have for the online library.  

Arcade and Pinball

My first thought was reaching deeper into the arcade lineup; we have already been treated to plenty of arcade classics already on the service with titles such as Donkey Kong, Excitebike, and Ice Climbers, but what if they added games that have never been released on a home console? For example, the arcade titles Mario Kart GP, GP 2, GP DX, GP VR would be a huge surprise. I know a lot of people who have not played these games that would see them as a refreshing experience, and this could also get them even more ramped up for a possible Mario Kart 9 in the future. They could even resurrect the canceled Star Fox Arcade game, much like Star Fox 2 that came out on the SNES Mini and Nintendo Online. The other idea that Nintendo could do is take the actual Pinball machines like Super Mario Bros. and make them 3-D digital playable games for all those pinball wizards out there. So much can be added from this category alone.

Virtual Boy

The company could also take the Labo VR headset and come out with some updated versions of the Virtual Boy. Imagine playing Mario Clash or Wario Land with a crisper, more vibrant red color scheme. Maybe this one is a stretch, but they wouldn’t have to use the headset and essentially go straight to the TV if Nintendo properly updated to the right aspect ratio. Just ponder on the thought of this.


One thing I enjoyed on the Wii U was the NES Nintendo Remix Volume 1 and 2. Nintendo has so many older games they could clash together, outside of just Smash Bros. Imagine Link taking on Metroid bosses with his sword and shield, Donkey Kong flying an Arwing in space, or Kirby slurping up Koopas or Goombas in the Mushroom Kingdom? These crossovers would be very enjoyable and could expand into the 16- or 64-bit era for even crazier completions.

I’m sure Nintendo has a plan, and it probably is none of the suggestions above, but whatever they do, I hope they pad Nintendo Online with amazing gaming content. What are your hopes and dreams for the Nintendo Online Service? Have you enjoyed what they have thus far, or do they need more to round it out a bit better?

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